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Understanding the meaning of the Greek word translated “confidence” in some very important verses and passages in the New Testament can greatly change the way we view and approach our Triune God.  In particular, I have in mind Heb. 4:16; 10:19, 35 and Eph. 3:12.

As you look up each verse, slowly and carefully think about the following meaning and definition; pray/talk to God about it and let Him speak back to you.  As you do, the power of His Word will change you!


The word means to have boldness; assurance or even fearlessness — especially in the presence of a person with high rank!  It can have the idea of having access to a king.

May the Holy Spirit deepen your relationship with Himself and with the Father and the Son as you meditate upon the deep, rich meaning of this word and how it is meant to be carried out in your life!


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Sometimes I do want to shut the “news noise” of the world out – not read the news or watch it – because it is largely depressing and the evil all around us seems more prevalent than ever, doesn’t it?

I’ve been especially grieved the last two weeks it seems, over local, national and world events. But for the past week especially – the killing of a police officer in San Jose (local), and yesterday, the slaughter by radical Muslims of at least 147 of my Christian brothers and sisters in Nairobi, Kenya (a world event).

The insane, Nazi-like onslaught of radical Islam is deeply troubling to me. Do you wonder why it is that our world is so filled with evil?

I can offer you the answer: God created this world for good; He created man and woman in His image and in His likeness (Gen. 1:26-28) in the moral sense, to represent Him, to know Him, to fellowship with Him.

He created man and woman with free will as well – and that is man’s greatest blessing and equally — his greatest responsibility. The evil in the world is not from God; humanity in rebellion against Him is to blame.

The Holy Spirit is constantly working on the hearts of men to turn from evil and to do what is right (John 16:7-11). But when man shuns the work of the Holy Spirit and hardens his heart, his God-given free will can result and will result in sin.

This is the reason we don’t get along with each other; this is the reason for lying, cheating, stealing, murder, etc.

Sometimes, we pay a price for our sin and evil right away; sometimes that price is paid later. And sometimes, men get away (or seem to get away) with evil in this life.

God is perfectly good and loving, but He is also perfectly just, righteous and holy. Though we may seem to be able to avoid consequences from our sin, every human being will one day give an account for his or her sin to a just, holy and righteous God.

Only through trust in the substitutionary work on the cross of Jesus can we be forgiven of our sin. If we reject His sacrifice, we’re telling God, “I can and will stand account for my own sin.”

Fine; you will give an account: This is called the “Day of Judgment.” Imagine the judgment awaiting the wicked men who slaughtered 147 defenseless college students.

Imagine the judgment awaiting the demons from ISIS who rape and then behead men, women and children.

I grieve at the evil of my own heart; I grieve at the evil of our world. But the Bible teaches that a day is coming when the righteous in Jesus Christ will be vindicated and the wicked will be judged. I need to keep this in mind today…

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