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Whether it be ISIS or Iran, man’s evil ways will never rest. We wish for peace; as a nation, we usually do all we can to establish and maintain peace in the world. No one wants war.

But radical Islam will not listen to a minute of it; radical Muslims lust to dominate you and me and they will execute us if we get in the way (and even if we do not).

Their determination for this is the same as the Nazi’s before us: they are bent on world domination.

Our president, like the British Prime Minister before him — Neville Chamberlin — in the years immediately leading up to World War II — is running from the grave, blatant, obvious conflict we’re in.

Because of this — and because he mocked ISIS a few years back and called them “JV” — the entire Middle East is in chaos.

Our president told us all that that chaos and murder was “over there,” and because we have not been attacked here (yet), we just went back to our TV’s and carried on.

But below the surface — where we cannot see the reality — his refusal to lead (he mocks this responsibility openly, as he did in a press conference in Turkey a few days ago) has put our entire nation and the world itself in the greatest, imminent danger.

He may deftly tell us why the U.S. cannot and must not engage in the new World War foisted upon us, but it is of no use. As Hitler brought the war to England and the United States, ISIS has already been doing the same.

No one in Great Britain or the U.S. wanted war in 1938 or 1941; it was viciously forced upon us.  But our Harvard-educated leader ignores the plain teaching of history — recent history — in which 20 million people were killed.

Sadly, ISIS is already in our lands, and seeking to gain further entry through immigration (the Greeks are warning us about that).

But our president is hell-bent on bringing more immigrants in, despite protests of even Democrats to the contrary — out of urgent and real concerns for our vulnerable, porous national security.

It won’t be much longer before we openly see and feel ISIS’ evil, here in the U.S..

It could have and should have been eliminated by now. Obama’s military brass has repeatedly urged him to destroy ISIS, but he just refuses to listen. I wonder how much longer we have?

World War III began last week in France, with ISIS murdering at least 130 people and injuring so many more.  Before that, a major slaughter in Lebanon. Yesterday, in Mali.  Soon enough, in the U.S.

And while all this is happening, during this past week, our president blasts Republicans in Turkey for daring to disagree with him on policy (he accused them of “popping off”).

Then he flies to Asia, and he tells Asian leaders not to emulate OUR corrupt politics, which he has benefited from for about 10 years (and from which he will become a multi-millionaire within a few short years after being out of office).

He will continue to bury his head in the sand and arrogantly, stubbornly ignore this war…But as with World War II, when the West dithered and millions of lives were lost, so — led by the U.S. — it dithers now.

ISIS and Iran grow in strength and boldness.  You think they’re satisfied with using grenades, guns and knives?  Wait until they acquire chemical weapons, and then nuclear weapons — which they’ve been diligently working at.

By then, it will be too late.  We’re coming up on a presidential election.  Do elections have consequences?  Do people fall for slogans (“CHANGE!”), instead of voting in proven leaders, with proven ability to lead?

Welcome to World War III; we may not like it, but we cannot avoid the evil-doers of this world who seek to destroy us.

We have the ability and power to win this war in short order, with minimal loss of life.  But do we have the will to do this?

If we do not, we will be defeated, militarily and economically.  Will we muster the will to win?


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I could listen to good stories that have meaning and substance all day long…Here is one such story: I was having lunch a few days ago with my dear friend, Bret Allen — a man who has many such stories!

He told me a simple story of a time recently when he was having lunch with a friend of his.  The busboy came up to their table, and Bret innocently asked him if he was their “Server.”  The busboy hung his head and said, “No; I’m just a busboy.”

Well, right away, Bret said to this young man (I believe he is about 15 or 16), “No; you are NOT ‘just a busboy’; right now, you’re the face of this restaurant.  You are important – otherwise, the restaurant would never had hired you and paid you a salary.”

Of course, I immediately asked Bret how the boy responded, and he told me that the boy promptly lifted up his head with a smile and a new sense of confidence and worth.

Bret has been back to this restaurant several times since, and he now has a new friend – a young man who now most certainly understands that he is more than “just a __________.”

(On a side note, I doubt the busboy kneeling next to a dying Robert F. Kennedy regrets being a busboy that day: note that this “anonymous” man demonstrated care to one of the most important, notable figures in history – as he lay dying).

busboy caring for RFK

I particularly love that story for a number of reasons: first, I’ve always held the same conviction: no one is “just a ________.”

The reason I hold that conviction is because the Bible tells us that every single human being has been created in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:26-28).

This means we have been created with dignity and honor, among many other things (but if you want to know them all, read the entire Bible!).

Sadly, few people really ever stop to consider the weight of this truth and allow it to powerfully impact their lives, as God intends it to.  But perhaps you will, right now?

Another reason I love Bret’s story is because I could almost “see” the impact he had on the young man, even though I was not there.

Bret and I share the same passion: in the name of Jesus, to lift up others and point them to Him.

A third reason I loved hearing his story: it stirred me to be ever more aware of others around me, to encourage them in the midst of the simple, ordinary affairs of life.

And a fourth reason: I was once a busboy!  And little did I know when I first started my job (or while I was cleaning those tables) that I would eventually meet a shy hostess named Maureen, date her and eventually become her husband!

One never knows what might come of things we deem unimportant…

So friend, you are NEVER “just a ____________!”  No matter who you are or what you do, you have infinite worth and value, because God created you in His image and likeness.

God the Son – Jesus Christ – came to earth, took upon Himself flesh, and lived just as one of us, to identify with us – especially in our failures and alienation from God, due to our sin nature.

picture of a prostitute

Jesus came to live a perfect life in our place, so that instead of us having to give an account to God for every single sin we’ve ever committed, Jesus was punished in our place.

Through His sacrifice, we can receive in full the infinite grace and mercy of God.  That holds true for the prostitute, the executive, or anyone else.

In other words, Jesus gave His life to redeem us from sin and shame and restore us to God’s original purpose, to live with Him forever, and to have eternal life with Him.


I pray this encourages you and that perhaps you might send this along to someone else who needs encouragement to know that he or she is FAR MORE than “just a ______.”

And I pray that you also will take it upon yourself to encourage others in a similar situation!

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Regarding the terrorist attacks in France: Here is what God says to leaders of nations about evil and the responsibility of a nation to bring fierce wrath upon evil-doers, from Romans 13:4: “For it (the government) is a servant of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil.”

Notice: this was written while a secular government — the Roman government — was in power.  It has nothing to do with religious wars at all; the entire passage (Rom. 13:1-7) calls governments to reward good behavior and punish evil.

There is a time for compassion and a time for wrath; a time for talk and a time for decisive action.  The time for fierce wrath and decisive action against any members of any radical Muslim group is NOW.

The United States MUST remove every single radical Muslim from our nation, today.  Zero tolerance, zero debate.  The same for France, England, Germany, Sweden, etc.  Get all radical Muslims out of your country and do it with no mercy, period.


President Obama, no more telling us ISIS is “contained”!  No more calling these mass killers (ISIS) the “JV Squad”!  No more refusal to call Muslim terrorists “Muslim terrorists!”

Every Western nation must encourage its citizens to carry concealed weapons; terrorists know they can slaughter with impunity against unarmed citizens, but they will think twice if they know they will be matched with arms.

This must be the day in history that Western Civilization decisively and brutally wipes out radical Islam. We have the ability; if we cannot muster the will, then we have only ourselves to blame when things get MUCH worse.  We cannot allow ourselves to die by a “thousand cuts,” as we are right now.

It is no joy to write this.  We ALL wish for peace.  But radical Muslims have been at war with us since Thomas Jefferson’s administration (1801-1809) — without us ever setting foot on Middle Eastern soil — and before even Israel was a nation again.

ISIS has been telling us repeatedly, “we are coming to you!”  Well, they did today, in France.  And when they get nuclear bombs, no one will even get the chance to “negotiate” with them.

eiffel tower

They will gun down our children in the schools; they will bomb us while we’re sleeping and while we’re attending our concerts and sports events and at work.  And then, they will celebrate in their streets with the greatest of glee, enjoying, as they say, “the taste of American blood.”

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Apparently, some Christians are upset that Starbucks is dissing Christmas with its coffee cups.  I want to suggest a response to the “controversy”: in the early part of the second century, the Church in the Roman Empire was experiencing a substantial amount of persecution — far more than Christians are experiencing in the United States today.


How did Christians handle being persecuted then?  And how might they respond to things like Starbucks keeping traditional Christmas off of their cups?  An anonymous letter called The Epistle to Diognetus was likely written by a Christian leader to a pagan Roman government official.

I will only quote part of it, but the part that I believe would be relevant, helpful and instructive for Christians living in America today.  The government official is apparently interested in the Christian faith, but wants to know more about it — and especially how the Christians handled the ongoing persecution so well.

The author responds by saying, “They live upon the earth, but they are citizens of heaven.  They obey the existing laws, and excel the laws by their lives.  They love all, and are persecuted by all…They are reproached, and glory in their reproaches.  They are calumniated (slandered), and are justified. They are cursed, and they bless.  They receive scorn, and they give honor.  They do good, and are punished as evildoers.  When punished, they rejoice, as being made alive.”

In short, these early Christians really did take Jesus’ teaching on the Sermon on the Mount quite seriously.  And in three short centuries, most of the Roman Empire became followers of Jesus Christ, primarily (but not solely) because the secular life and pagan gods left the people empty.

I realize that sometimes a voice needs to be given to things that are not right in our society.  But for the Christian, there are always higher, eternal matters to consider first.  This might be a good lesson to consider today…

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