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Sunday Preaching

Greetings, friends, and thank you for your interest in reading this report!  And another “thank you” to all of you who partner with me in this ministry in so many ways.  Today’s report is brief, covering ministry from Sunday and Monday.

I had the joy of preaching at two different churches on Sunday; the first service was at the church of one of the leaders of the pastor’s group I teach and train (Christ Minister’s Fellowship, or CMF).

The church is a pretty good size – perhaps 150?  They must have about 50 young children!  They asked me to speak to the kids for 10 minutes (before the service began), and they didn’t move; they paid careful attention.


I gave a salvation invitation, and perhaps 20 hands went up.  With young children, one can never be sure if they fully understand what has been asked of them, even though I explained everything very carefully.

Still, if only a few were first-time responders, well, that’s already an incredible beginning to the service!

In the main service, I was asked to preach on faith, which went very well, and I had a significant time of personal ministry for the people afterward.  Before I share specifics, I’ll wait to hear from the pastor about the results as he talks to the people who were ministered to.

I find that whenever I preach here in Kenya, I bring a significant level of ministry to the kids.  I laid my hand on a large number of them to bless and pray for them.


But with one child, I prayed for physical healing.  I stopped mid-sentence and asked if the child was sick, and they said he was.  It sounded serious; I’ve already asked the pastor to report back to me what happened as soon as possible.

the late afternoon, we drove about an hour to visit a church that listens to my radio broadcasts each week.  I met the pastor of the church and the people for the first time and preached a message from Titus 2:11-14.

Although we ate with the pastor and a few of his associates, I never felt comfortable with him or with his church.  Something doesn’t quite “seem right,” and two of the pastors I’m in good relationship with from CMF also felt the same way.

Nevertheless, it was good to make the effort to go.

Monday’s Ministry

In the first two hours of our Monday session, we got so far in-depth into teaching on the Father heart of God that I was in awe to see what the Lord was doing in the hearts of the people; I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

I think it’s one of those things that is just hard to put into words without having been there to witness it.  I’m seeing how God is unveiling His true nature – through His Word – to the Kenyans.


One pastor said, “the African father is like a lion in the family; he is to be feared.  So how can we truly come to know Him?”

That question alone – which came two hours into our teaching – just opened up an even deeper discussion.  It was clear the Holy Spirit was doing a significant work in the pastors, and they spoke a great deal, with great emotion, about our topic.

In addition, we handed out the reading glasses to the pastors and they were extremely grateful to the partners who donated the glasses!

Finally, the pictures show that we’re meeting in a new location; it’s at a new hotel in town – a bit different than what we might know as a hotel.  We’re meeting in what will become a conference room.

While I’m extremely grateful to the family who rented us our facility on their farm for three years, the place we’re in now is much larger and has a great deal of cross-breeze.


It was extremely hot on Monday (I’m writing this during a break Tuesday morning), but NOT where we were meeting!  Yes!!!!!


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Greetings, dear friends!  I’m thrilled to announce to you that my two-year project of writing a new commentary on Paul’s letter to the Church of Thessalonica is finished and available!

I hope you’ll consider purchasing a copy of this book, entitled, A Heart after God Bible Study Series:  1 Thessalonians: A Church with a Powerful Legacy for Today’s Christian.

Why do I recommend this to you?  I wrote it so that your faith would be renewed, deepened and stirred, and that’s what this book accomplishes.

It’s a deep, verse-by-verse commentary, which is also designed to equip you to become a much better, more careful student of God’s Word.  It can accomplish this for a seasoned believer, or for a new believer.

You’ll find yourself praying often as you read this commentary, and thinking carefully about how to apply the insights you read.

Speaking of insights, you’ll learn a great deal about your faith in the commentary as well, along with many new things you may not have known: Teaching on the pagan background of people who turned to faith in Jesus, and why He had such a dramatic impact on them.

You’ll learn why Paul’s teaching on the resurrection of our bodies was so revolutionary to the first Christians; you’ll read and understand more about a topic that appears so often in the New Testament, but which is rarely taught on in today’s Church: the wrath of God.

Pick up a copy today, and get ready for a rich, rewarding study through 1 Thessalonians, and encourage others to order a copy as well! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06W9FFSTQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1486729848&sr=8-1&keywords=brad+abley

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