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A very dear friend just gave me an encouraging word a few days ago from Is. 43:19, and I hope that you’ll be encouraged as well as you ponder the meaning of this simple, yet profound Hebrew word (hadash).

More than a chronological word, it means to renew; to rebuild; to refresh; to repair.  Thus, when the LORD does something “new” in our lives, this is the kind of result we can expect, and of course, we rejoice greatly.

However, in a sense, we don’t need to wait for a certain time for Him to do that something “new”: repeatedly in the Psalms, we’re called to sing to Him “a new song” (cf. Ps. 33:3; 40:3; 96:1; 98:1; 144:9), where in each of these verses, the Hebrew word for “new” is the same as that in Is. 43:19 (hadash).

Thus, when we engage with our triune God in praise and worship – and if we come expecting – we can be assured that the Holy Spirit will be involved in bringing His renewal, His refreshing, His repairing, and His rebuilding.

You see, when the LORD calls us to sing to Him, there is a very good reason for it!  Of course, there are many good reasons for it, but in our step of faith and obedience, we can know that He will do His part to respond in one or all the ways the meaning of hadash implies.

In fact, why not ask Him to do these very things before you enter into praise and worship – individually or corporately?  Is that a prayer He wants to answer?  You know it is!


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